Onychomycosis Laser Nd:YAG Treatment

Onychomycosis Laser Nd:YAG Treatment

The nail fungus laser treatment is the most modern treatment, since the virus is naturally sterilized. The laser light is fungicide and roots fungi down, without any side effects from the medication. It is a fast, easy, painless and very effective treatment against nail fungi. 4-8 sessions are required for total recovery, a fact which is testified by the culture that is collected before and after the treatment.

Advantages of Onychomycosis with laser:

Laser treatment is constantly gaining ground, since it has plenty of advantages in relation to the conventional treatment, such as:

• It is devoid of side effects, since it acts topically to the nails, without affecting the rest of the organism.

• It is fast, since it requires 10 minutes from the patient’s time once a month.

• It is efficient and drastic, since the laser light is fungicide.

• It also acts as a precaution against the spreading of onychomycosis, since, in every session, laser is applied in all toe or finger nails, in other words not only in the infected ones.